A top ten of small tweeps with big tweets on environment

Alex Verbeek

Alexander Verbeek is a diplomat and Associate at the Stockholm Environment Institute. Until January 2016 he was the Strategic Policy Advisor on Global Issues in the Netherlands MFA, working on international issues related to climate, water, food, energy and resources. He developed the Planetary Security Initiative that fosters cooperation on the impact of climate change, environmental degradation and resource scarcity on security. He organised the international conference in the Peace Palace in November last year where participants from 75 countries joined in the launch of this initiative. In Sweden he continues to collaborate with governments, businesses, think tanks and civil society agencies to find connections between these issues and create solutions for the environmental, resource and demographic challenges of the 21st century. Since 2014 Alexander is a Yale World Fellow. He is often asked for public speaking, lecturing at universities or chairing international meetings. He is in the board of advisors of several international environmental initiatives. Twitter: @Alex_Verbeek Instagram: @alexanderverbeek

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7 Responses

  1. climatehawk1 says:

    Thanks, Alex, nice idea, and helpful too.

  2. Stephen Porter says:

    I suspect @iZYMCOS is a bot account, but many others in this list now have another follower! Thanks for sharing.

    • Alex Verbeek says:

      Hi Stephen, Thanks for your comments. I believe you are right on that first account. But it must be a happy bot, the number of followers more than doubled 🙂

  3. Cathy says:

    Can you tell me why you followed me on Twitter? I appreciate the follow and found this site, and really like some of the blogs! I just read the bio information on you and I’m extremely impressed that a man of your stature would take the time to write a blog about 10 people with less than 200 followers! But I was actually looking for my name in there because I was baffled that you followed me?! but I guess it makes sense now why you did follow me.

    • Alex Verbeek says:

      Hi Cathy, I followed you on Twitter because I believe your tweets at @calicocathy7700 cover an interesting range of topics that I also follow. You cover climate change, animal rights, sustainable cities, science and a lot more issues that are relevant for the future of our planet. I always try to find information that is not yet on the big accounts, that is why I follow also many smaller accounts. You were not in that blog on the top-ten of smaller Twitter accounts that I wrote some time ago because I did not know your account at that time. Those ten are of course only a small selection out of many excellent accounts that I follow. Perhpas I might write another blog on a new top-ten this summer. Best, Alexander

  4. Maia Gilman says:

    Really appreciated this, I’m a year late to the post, and yet all the people are timely and relevant. I am now following all of these and put them on my Ecology list on Twitter. Thank you!

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